ORACLE Lighting

ORACLE Lighting is the producer of top-of-the-line automotive lighting products and accessories with more than 10 years of experience. It is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana and the second location is in Houston, Texas.

Oracle led lights

Despite quite short history the brand is popular both on the market and among automotive experts – it received a range of awards including the Consumer Products Company of the Year (the Bronze Stevie) in 2012, a Small Business Champion in 2013 (given by the U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee), and others. The ORACLE’s range is really wide, it includes hundreds of car bulbs, light covers, mirrors, tail lights, batteries, etc. for each and every vehicle on the road today.

Start the total makeover of your pride and joy or finish it with the help of ORACLE lights! In case, you want to make slight yet visible changes of your vehicle’s appearance – these units will help you as well. Besides, ORACLE Lighting products are able to increase your safety on the road. They allow you to see farther and to identify obstacles easier. A clean design, exceptional reliability, and groundbreaking technology are the main reasons why such a young company is ahead of the competition.

Oracle lighting technologies

Where to Get Your Oracle Lights?

Distinctive ORACLE LED lights take a special spot in the company’s product line. Various upscale turn signals, off-road and fog lights, light bars, halo rings for both trucks and cars are widely recognized and praised across the U.S. In case you are hunting down these lighting products, take a look at the digital shelves of reputable ORACLE Lighting distributor – Here you will find a comprehensive collection of parts offered at truly economical price.


Magnum Energy Inverters

Magnum Energy is a worldwide known manufacturer of inverters, inverter/chargers, and other energy accessories. Company has a great experience which is more than 150 years. Today Magnum Energy is a part of the Magnum-Dimensions brand with Dimensions Inverters. Both companies joined the Sensata Technologies and continue to produce some of the most recognized products in the industry.

Magnum energy

A century and a half of experience allows Magnum Energy to produce inverters and chargers with great battery charging performance and quite simple maintenance. Company’s products are shipped worldwide and work perfectly in various climate conditions. Magnum Energy manufactures some of the most advanced, dependable and affordable inverter/chargers, inverters and accessories in the industry. Their accommodate input ability varies from 12 to 300 VDC. It is worth noting that each and every Magnum Energy inverter/charger has a Power Factor Corrected (PFC) charger placed inside. PFC charger consumes up tp 30% less energy than a standard charger.

Magnum energy inverter

Modified Sine Wave & Pure Sine Wave

Magnum Energy inverters/chargers are available both modified sine wave and pure sine wave models vary from 300 to 12,000 watts – in single and 3-phase topology as well. Modified ones are more affordable and run most appliances and electronics. However, for best run of the vehicle’s computer performance, stereo, TV and motors it is recommended that you use pure sine wave models. Besides, some appliances like battery chargers for hand tools or clocks may have problems with modified sine waves.

Magnum energy inverter charger

Get Your Magnum Inverter!

All Magnum Energy products has some similar features – they are safe, energy-efficient and affordable. A big variety of input abilities and power allows you to meet all needs. To avoid purchasing fakes and problems with warranty it is recommended that you buy Magnum Energy inverters, inverter/chargers, and accessories from authorized dealers. One of the biggest online-retailers in U.S. CARiD offers a great number of Magnum Energy products. For just a few clicks you will make the best choice and get your inverter/chargers or other accessory really fast!

Aeromotive Fuel Systems & Components

For more than 20 years Aeromotive has built its performance fuel systems with respect to company’s quality traditions and commitment to innovation. The supreme quality of Aeromotive products was shaped by company’s knowledge, passion, real-world experience and aerospace technology. That’s right, performance automotive products designed to highest standards of aerospace industry are available on automotive aftermarket for everyone, from professional racers to daily drivers.


With 3 generations of track experience, Aeromotive’s experts live the industry and understand what drivers need. That’s why they not just test their performance products in labs using high-end equipment, but also get them on the track and street.

Aeromotive Products

Performance is not all about speed gains or acceleration. Performance means reliability. Getting the most from your vehicle’s engine you want all its parts to run like clockwork. And this is what Aeromotive is after, too. To deliver unrivaled performance with unmatched durability is company’s philosophy. Aeromotive product line includes fuel pumps, tanks, filters, regulators and complete fuel systems, as well as various replacement parts and accessories.

Aeromotive Fuel Systems

Aeromotive Fuel Pumps

Extreme horsepower requires a high volumes of fuel delivered to the engine right in time. Aeromotive fuel pumps are designed to fuel the most powerful and demanding engines. This ability was proven by suck top names in the motorsport as Larry Larson, UTV racer Marc Burnett, John Hale and his Nitro Funny Car and the MB Motorsports that won Baja 500!

Aeromotive Fuel Systems

Stealth Fuel Systems is a world-famous in-tank fuel system. Such design helps prevent some of the most typical for performance engines issues, cavitation and vapor lock.
Phantom Fuel System is the latest generation of Aeromotive fuel pumps. They are designed to handle extreme pressures of supercharged or tubrocharged electronic fuel injection.

Aeromotive EFI System

Where to Buy Aeromotive Products

There’s no need to take your vehicle to the local auto parts store if you’re looking for a large selection of fuel systems and components along with original Aeromotive quality. CARiD offers a full collection of Aeromotive products, so everything you need to fuel your engine, including Aeromotive fuel pumps, regulators and complete systems are just few clicks away!

5 Reasons to Choose Dorman Products Over Aftermarket Parts

Dorman Products for car, trucks & SUVs

As recently reported by Dorman Products, a trusted original equipment manufacturer from the United States, there are several major problems associated with the purchase of aftermarket parts. Despite the fact that most aftermarket details are slightly cheaper in comparison with the majority of OE spares, purchasing aftermarket equipment is often associated with certain productivity problems as well as potential legal and insurance issues. In fact, as of today, studies have proven that products from original equipment manufacturers generally exhibit greater productivity and closer fit, not to mention solid warranty on every product. Yet, the most important reason to choose original equipment over aftermarket one is a possibility to file an insurance claim if necessary. So, Dorman OE manufacturer would like to pay your attention to the following benefits of original spares:

Precise fit of Dorman products

As a company that has been in the market for almost a century (since 1918), Dorman has had enough time to polish and improve its technology. Plenty of automotive experts will not be surprised by the fact original equipment details ensure better fit in comparison with aftermarket spares. Yet, the worst news is that some aftermarket spares can significantly lack quality – meaning that there will be no fit at all. It has been established that returned aftermarket products are simply resold to other clients, which why consequent returns have already become a standard in the aftermarket spares industry. Dorman, however, chooses a totally different policy, and if by some reason a detail does not fit (which hardly ever happens in the first place), this particular spare part is not resold in the future. In the long run, such policy helps to significantly minimize the returns and continuously improve the quality of their items. Dorman products can be found at

Dorman OE Productivity

Apart from better fit, most original equipment details guarantee higher productivity and greater performance. Dorman, in particular, launches a series of meticulous tests before starting mass production of their items. This helps to ensure better quality and greater durability of every detail in the production line, which is the main advantage of original equipment details in comparison to most aftermarket parts.

Dorman Products

Guaranteed insurance with Dorman OE products

This is a highly important issue and you should never overlook it – since aftermarket details have been scientifically proven to be less durable and safe, filing an insurance claim in case of an accident can become a serious problem. Though certain policies vary from state to state, the use of aftermarket details in auto repair shops is often prohibited. Plus, even if your state does not prohibit the use of aftermarket parts, it is still better to go with original equipment approved all over the country. Then at least, you will be able to file an insurance claim in case of a car crash, and the insurance company will have no choice but to accept it.

Dorman products safety

Safety is a logical continuation of the previous topic. Most insurance companies refuse to accept insurance claims for vehicles with aftermarket details because the latter ones have actually been proven to be less safe. The widespread belief is that low quality spares can in fact cause an accident – that is why you should never put petty monetary calculations ahead of your life and health. Needless to mention, Dorman thoroughly tests its auto parts, thus eliminating the possibility of a car crash and ensuring maximum safety.

Warranty on Dorman original products

Only some aftermarket parts have a warranty, which is not surprising after all we’ve discussed above. Dorman, on the contrary, provides a warranty with every item (the exact time and conditions will depend on the particular detail you purchase).
All in all, aftermarket details have only one advantage in comparison to original equipment parts – that is, lower price. Apart from that, their characteristics are far less impressive. Such spares are neither safe, nor functional, which is why choosing OE automotive details seems to be the only reasonable decision. Dorman products, in particular, are a great example of what can be considered a perfect combination of quality, safety and durability in the automotive detail market.

Tata Nano Police Car is Now All Set to Be Released in India

When you say police car, you look for the feature like good speed, good control, and latest technologies. Amazing features that would help you reach the destination quickly. Police cars are said to be the command respect from motorists. However, they were not so popular in Country like India. Now thanks to the development and growth which has taken place here, it seems that Delhi-based electronics firm has brought some changes in one of the cheapest car model called NANO and made it the best and the world’s cheapest police car. It is stylish, and comes with the red white and blue light color combination. The car is now known as the police-spec Tata Nano which was kept in the International Security Expo in New Delhi.
It is one of the most active and reasonable police car that has been designed with tons of features which is manufactured for the use of police. This car is specially designed with all the police specs and paint that makes it an amazing concept. It is cheap and is easy to drive, light in weight and the most compact version that you can come across. The great news is, in the traffic that is common in all states of India, for police, this type of car is best suited.
Appearance and Specifications to know
Diamond shaped fog lamps
Conventional compact
Body color handles
Dual glove boxes on dashboard
Side view mirrors
Four speaker audio system
Six petal shaped spokes
Chrome plated company logo keyless entry
There are better safety features and it is a 624cc 2 cylinder Petrol engine generating 37.5 BHP car which comes with additional tools like side door locks. Central locking, seat belts and center high mounts stop lamp. This fuel efficient car has got an impressive driving impression and can be controlled in pretty easy manner.