The Latest News for the Vehicle Electronics Design

Smart vehicles are the call of the new era. Smart vehicles shall become the new and the most challenging limit for the app developers in the coming five years or so. As per the report from Juniper Research, a center that predicts that the market for the in-vehicle apps in going to increase in many fold and may reach up to US$ 1.2 billion by the year 2017. Innovation in the motorized or automotive standards such as Mirror link and sophisticated Smartphone ownership will generate such foundations that will allow the whole system of the connected cars to flourish and grow to a new level, especially in developed countries like the North America and the western European markets.  The New Report: Connected Cars: Automotive Telematics & In-Vehicle Infotainment 2013-2017 has found out that there will be descending weight and negative pressure on the value of vehicle manufacture’s own implanted telematics infotainment amenities as the concept of in-vehicle apps eco-system matures and grows. “The major beneficiary and winner of the speedy roll-out and manufacture of the Smartphone securing and in –vehicle apps shall be the consumer”, declared the author of the report Anthony Cox. He also went on to say that the Smartphone securing shall allow the designing and creation of an abundance of apps for the vehicles just in the same way as it did for the Smartphone. The market for implanted telematics systems, both in the consumer and commercial front will see vigorous progress as consolidation between the regional commercial telematics company initiates and gives a sign for the companies that shall become a global force in telematics. For telematics companies and automotive markets large data resulting from the telematics service facility are likely to surface as unforeseen revenue drivers. As per the report the widespread placement of V2V andV2I technologies is still a long way off, but trials have started in many markets. And insurance telematics are already attaining the point of widespread placement predominantly in the markets such of the USA, Italy and the UK.

The Electronic Security System of the Car Altered by Hackers

The application of computers can be also seen in the cars that are being designed these days. Most of the cars that are being sold in the market at present a lot on the electronic systems and on-board computers. All the vehicles that are running in USA since 1996 must have an on-board computer in them. The hackers are now taking advantage of this fact. They are set the cars as their new target. The people who are carrying out various kinds of researches with hacking techniques have stated that hackers are able to break the security system of the car within just few minutes. Once they have done that they can easily alter the security system of the car. The on-board computers of the cars are so vulnerable to such attacks that the hackers can easily control the braking system of the car.

Changes in the control of the car when hacked

Once the car has been hacked its full control relies on the hands of the hacker. Let’s have a look at some of things that can be controlled.

The hackers can easily disengage the breaks once they are able to break into on-board computers. For instance you won’t be able to apply brakes to car if you are going slowly.
The headlights of the car also come under the control of the hackers. They can turn them on or off according to their will.
In some cases they are also able to honk the horn.
The car can be also parked with the help of the park assist feature that is found in most modern cars. All the hackers need is a few moment of physical access to the computer that is controlling the functioning of the car. Once they get the access they will be able to change the programs within a few seconds.

The experimenting team members Valasek and Charlie Miller will be presenting the whole report at Def Con.

Custom Spoilers

A spoiler is a horizontal bar that is designed to disrupt the smooth flow of air behind the vehicle. It is placed at optimum height to reduce the most drag. The spoiler is held up by a mechanism that may be made from different materials depending on the type and model of the spoiler. The factory style spoiler is of course a single design that does not change for a particular model. For example, the factory spoiler on a Nissan Maxima will always look the same. The spoiler may be made from ABS plastic, fiber or carbon fiber depending on which vehicle you own.

Garmin K2 Platform Takes Over the Dashboard

In these modern days, cars have become most common and necessary source of transport. The journey of people gets more exciting and stimulating by adding different types of electronic gadgets to the car. Some of these gadgets play great role for increasing total comfort of people.

To Talk About

The new and unique Garmin K2 Platform system is powered by Garmin which shows you maps as well as routing algorithm with complete ease. It comes with number of dashboard technologies with variety of unique options which provides cohesive in-car experience. This platform has a large 10-inch multi-touch display at the center of dashboard which offers drivers with relevant information such as audio source and maps even while vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle is parked, it can also display calendar, social media or web data with complete ease.

How is it different?

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, this K2 platform notifies you for your incoming calls, emails and SMS into virtual dashboard by the bridge app which is installed on your smartphone. But sometimes when the vehicle is in motion Garmin intelligently tells us that user will not be able to read incoming text messages for safety reasons.

Make use of voice command technology in order to simply interact with notifications on this screen. This new & personalized system comes with infrared buttons below center of the screen which provide visual feedback to the driver before button is pressed.

The Garmin K2 Platform is powered by Jacinto 5-Eco processor as well as OMAP 5 platform from Texas Instruments. It is one of the most powerful systems which allow you to easily drive multiple screens.

Now, it also offers secure and intuitive way to easily stay connected with others and access all functions which you need even while driving. It intelligently pulls real-time data from Garmin’s servers through the any connected smartphone.

These days there are various electronic gadgets are available in the market like backup cameras which help the people at a time of parking.

Car Companies are Working to Make the Vibrations More Vivid

These days the companies that are producing automobiles are putting a lot of emphasis on the sounds that are generated from the cars. No doubt great music systems are installed in the cars that make the journey of the people pleasurable. But there are certain sounds that come out of the car that can make the driving experience distressing.  One of the sounds that have been concerning the companies is the one that is produced when the door of the car is shut. If the sound is of very high pitch then the quality of the model is extremely poor. On the other hand if the sound is of low pitch and damped then the quality of the vehicle is too good. There are people who have the ability to choose the most expensive car out of the lot just by hearing the sound that is produced by slamming the doors.

Some sounds of the vehicle that expresses its quality

The sound coming out of the exhaust system of the car also plays a great role in telling about its quality. If the car is luxury then the exhaust must be quite. This will express the sophistication and luxury associated with the car.
The above stated statement is not true when the sports cars are taken into consideration. No one will like a performing car if it produces a dull sound. The companies incorporate high pitched sounds in cars so that their aggression and power can be manifested in a well defined manner. The companies are also giving choice to the people so that they can choose the right sound for their vehicle.

Not only in case of cars but sound plays a great role in determining the luxury or power associated with the bikes. Thus it is very necessary to have a good amount of information about the various sounds that are produced by the vehicles. This will help him in choosing the right one.