The Oldest Model of Volvo Stands on Top Safety Pick

One of the popular inventions of Volvo XC90 has been in news from few days for the fact that it has earned IIHs safety pick awards. This mid- size cross rover car was designed by Volvo and became popular when it was revealed in year 2002 at Detroit Motor Show. It comes with so many featured and is based on P2 platform. The first generation of this car was Volvo S80 and now the oldest model of this car has managed to earn more popularity for the benefits, style and technologies which it offered. In those olden times, this car was counted among the top selling cars in the United States and has won bestselling car.
With so many technologies and high invention gadget in the car coming up every time, the oldest version of Volvo has managed to be on top after it earned the reputation of IIHs safety pick. This SUV was been into selling part for more than 10 years and is said to be the best creation by the company so far. With a rating of Good by IIHS crash test, this car is said to be the reliable one in the market today.
Features that you would have missed out
Amazing interiors
Metallic color
Easily load and unload facility
40/20/40 split seating facility
Ultra high-strength steel
Muscular shape

What made the car so Popular?
With great yet unique design, good interior and amazing safety device system, this car is said to be the best example of the fine craftsmanship. The designers had certainly kept space and luxury in mind when designing this car. Its comfort and versatility was something that made it more popular. How can you forget its striking size that grabbed the attention of so many people? Certainty with so many advantages it is one of the best cars that has been launched so far. Don’t you think you must try it out soon?

Mercedes will Guide you to your Destination with Google Glass

These days there are so many platforms which have gained quite a lot of popularity all over the world. Looking at the gained popularity, it seems now the automakers have also started using social media as a new platforms. There are so many smart apps uses that have come up say whether it is the website or the social sites. If you are wondering what is the next technology which has come up now? It’s called Google Glass.
What makes Google Glass so popular?
It is a cutting edge deice
It offers much needed reality experience
It is user friendly product
It is easy to use
It offers the in-dash nav system
Google Glass- The much more in Demand
The techno has been developed by the German automaker which is considered as the first automotive apps. The primary function of this app is to guide the driver with regards to aprkeing. This makes the product much more convenient and easy to use. It thus, helps you drive the car without needed any help of the parking spot.
Looking at such a use of the application, it seems that even Mercedes is now a day’s examining the technology for its use. The product seems to be quite fast and have smoother version. The touch screen device helps to navigate you to the raid which you might not have even explored. With so many advantages, it seems, Mercedes will soon be launching the product in the market. However, once the products clear the testing mode, it will be available for the customers at a great value for the customers and thus make it more convenient for the driver.
So let us hope for this very new invention of Google and Mercedes which soon we hope to see in the market.

Emilia 3 – Solar Power, the Power for Tomorrow

Solar power is the power of future. The fuel availability is quite limited and the world is turning towards the solar technology. The solar power is now being used in all sorts of power equipments and the companies are also coming up with the solar cars to make them fuel efficient. Emilia 3 is one such popular project that works towards manufacturing the fully functional solar power car that works on 100% solar power. After thorough research and technological experimentation, Emilia 3 has adopted ST’s SPV 1020 microcontrollers to get the best performance.
What are Microcontrollers?
The microcontrollers are communicating with each other constantly to process the data. This data logged in the car in real time to transmit through all other parts. This may ensure the smooth functioning of the car. The troubleshooting is also taken care of by these efficient microcontrollers.
Better Technology
This smart solar car also has a DC-DC boost converter that is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm which helps in maximizing the power generation through photovoltaic panels. These panels work independent of the temperature and also do not depend on the capturing of the solar radiation as it may change with the direction of car.
Minimum Power Loss
Emilia 3 is of course a well thought and well researched car that uses SPV1001 switch which works as cool bypass to reduce any sort of power loss. Thus, it offers the enhanced efficiency of the solar panels.
Is it good for the longer distances?
When it comes to any alternative fuel cars, the main question that strikes our mind is its usability for the longer distances. This solar powered car is supposed to have a range of 20 km and hence we can expect it to cover good distance.
Cross your fingers for this future powered car as it will take the world to solar edge.

Entertain Yourself with the Best in-Car Audio Systems

Cars is the eye catching technology whose interest will never die among the people. No matter whether the particular brand is shutting down the model or releasing a new model, people still buy the car they like no matter what is it value. However, there are some of the unbelievable car systems too that will keep your mouth wide open.  These sound systems are some of the perfect example that you must install in your car and make it look more perfect.
Now you can make your car perform a concert hall, radio booth and rock concept too with some of the perfect audio technologies available. Take a look at these audio systems and grab the best one for you.
Popular Audio systems to enjoy
Maybach Bose: The system is designed in such a way that you might feel you are in the rolling stones. It offers quality which you may not find anywhere else.
Viper Harman Kardon: Available with 18 speaker Harman Kardon sound system, it is a perfect powerful system that you would come across
Acura ELSP: Designed by Elliot Scheiner, it comes with six self-governing channels of discrete audio
Mark Levinson Lexus: If you want quality sound, then surely look nowhere else but this audio system which is also considered as the celebrated in-car audio systems
Lexus LF-A Yamaha: Created with complicated ducting and acoustic system, it offers amazing experience of hearing music.
Bentley Naim: This ultra-high audio system offers the most incredible audio experiences
Maserati Bowers and Wilkins: This is one of the popular in-home audio systems that you can ever get
Porsche Burmester: It offers the three tiers of audio in Panamera with 16 speakers of audio delight
Aston Bang & Olufsen: With banging bass, solid mids and wide range of stereo, it is one of the amazing model that you can ever come across.
Audi B&OP: With amazing sound system, it is perfect in design too. These full-fledged systems are one of the rate stereos that you can find in any luxury car today.

Now that you have got an idea about the best audio systems launched in todays; history grabs the best one for yourself.

Nokia All Set to Make its Mark in the Auto Market with in-Dash Navigation

Nokia has been ruling a good portion of the mobile handsets market for quite a long time. It has a done a great job by introducing many advanced handsets every now and then. The sets have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the people living in every sphere of the society.

There are many devices launched by Nokia that have helped the people to carry out their tasks in a lot easier fashion. In November last year the company launched a service called Here It allows the people to use maps that run following the cloud computing technology. Though the service was generally launched for the smartphones, the company wants to use it in the navigation system of the cars. There are many enhanced options that has enabled to service to go ahead of other similar applications available in the market.

Salient features of the service

In the official blog Nokia has claimed that here has a navigation module that can be easily embedded in the navigation system of the car.
It also contains a companion application for the smartphone. It also has the ability to connect to the cloud service.
The person can also plan trips with the help of this highly specialized application.
The driver of the car must have a smartphone as the service has been designed keeping in mind the advanced handsets.
The system is fully voice guided. It enables the user to navigate the map of 95 countries.
The system is also good at providing information like park availability, fuel prices, and traffic rerouting and street-level images. It also has indoor maps to show the destination that is approaching.

The most striking feature of the system is that it accepts voice commands from the driver. For this there is no need of a mobile coverage. The person can also get updated information about the weather and traffic of a certain place.