Garmin K2 Platform Takes Over the Dashboard

In these modern days, cars have become most common and necessary source of transport. The journey of people gets more exciting and stimulating by adding different types of electronic gadgets to the car. Some of these gadgets play great role for increasing total comfort of people.

To Talk About

The new and unique Garmin K2 Platform system is powered by Garmin which shows you maps as well as routing algorithm with complete ease. It comes with number of dashboard technologies with variety of unique options which provides cohesive in-car experience. This platform has a large 10-inch multi-touch display at the center of dashboard which offers drivers with relevant information such as audio source and maps even while vehicle is in motion. When the vehicle is parked, it can also display calendar, social media or web data with complete ease.

How is it different?

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, this K2 platform notifies you for your incoming calls, emails and SMS into virtual dashboard by the bridge app which is installed on your smartphone. But sometimes when the vehicle is in motion Garmin intelligently tells us that user will not be able to read incoming text messages for safety reasons.

Make use of voice command technology in order to simply interact with notifications on this screen. This new & personalized system comes with infrared buttons below center of the screen which provide visual feedback to the driver before button is pressed.

The Garmin K2 Platform is powered by Jacinto 5-Eco processor as well as OMAP 5 platform from Texas Instruments. It is one of the most powerful systems which allow you to easily drive multiple screens.

Now, it also offers secure and intuitive way to easily stay connected with others and access all functions which you need even while driving. It intelligently pulls real-time data from Garmin’s servers through the any connected smartphone.

These days there are various electronic gadgets are available in the market like backup cameras which help the people at a time of parking.