The Advancements In Car Electronics

Gone are the days when electronics in your car were only to power the light in your car and for your stereo and power windows. Car electronics have come a long way in the years and have found their way into almost every aspect of your car. The modern car is controlled more by electronics and it is these advancements that are making cars go faster while keeping them safe. The term car electronics were earlier used to describe car entertainment systems, but now as there are different types of electronic systems that are present in a car, the term is no longer general.
Types Of Car Electronics Systems
There are different types of car electronic systems that modern cars today have and these systems are essential for the running of the car. Engine electronics will control the way the engine performs with the help of the Electronic control unit that controls the Engine electronic systems and the electronic transmission systems. There are systems that help in driver assistance like ABS, EBD and so on and there are electronics involved in the active safety of the car. Many high end cars also have chassis electronics that will help to control the way the chassis behaves.
Infotainment Systems And Passenger Comfort Systems
The electronic components that you get to see in your car is the infotainment systems on-board your car. These systems will house your entertainment system, navigation system and also provides you with access to information regarding the various car electronic systems in your car. A car has to be comfortable to drive and to travel in and Passenger comfort systems use electronics to make your ride a lot more comfortable. Automatic climate control, electronic seat adjustments that have memory, automatic headlights and automatic wipers are some of the advancements that have been made in passenger comfort with the help of advancement in electronics.

The Auto Industry’s Future Is Largely Shaped By The Tech Savvy And Digitally Connected Generation Which Demands State Of The Art Technologies In Their Vehicles

The next generation cars are all set to include state of the art and top notch electronics and gadgets for entertainment, navigation, communication and safety. As a result, numerous companies have now ventured into the creation of user compelling environments by offering them surreal 3D capabilities along with complete reliability and durability.  The main goal of these innovations is to bring the machine to life while keeping its dependability on humans, safety and reliability features intact.

Recent Innovations And Changes In The Car Electronics Industry

With the modern day car ranking amongst the top few of the most advanced electronic products of the world, it is extremely important to bombard these vehicles with a range of gizmos and gadgets while also ensuring that they do not distract the drivers or provide them with an overload of information.

The NOR Flash memory system is one such gadget which forms the backbone for most of the latest vision, control, display and safety systems seen in the hi tech automobiles of today.  

The NOR Flash also enables an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which integrates vision and security systems so as to prevent accidents and collisions.

The dashboard has also witnessed great advancements in the recent past. The classic mechanical gauges have all given way to their digital counterparts and almost all modern day dashboards feature 2D and 3D graphic displays with state of the art infotainment systems.

The Future

The future of the electronics in the car is extremely bright and the industry is soon moving to make the car one of the most advanced machines to be built by man. One of the most compelling gadgets being developed is a futuristic NOR Flash memory system which will suggest places depending on the driver’s mood, take control of the vehicle upon reading tired facial expressions or voice tones, etc.

Next Gen My Link Infotainment System To Show Up In 2014 Chevy Impala

If you would love to enjoy Smartphone flexibility in your car, then you need to wait for the next Gen Chevy Impala to debut in 2014.  The new My Link infotainment system fitted inside the 2014 Chevy Impala was a runaway hit among the visitors to the CES 2013. Cabin tech information has been a real problem for many car owners as there had been criticism received from most car users that it was either slow or ugly or clumsy to operate.
What Chevrolet Has Thought About?
Chevy’s think tank sees to have burnt the midnight oil and have come up with a Smartphone flexibility type infotainment system in 2014 Impala car which could set a trend for other car makers to follow. The newest next generation My Link infotainment system that you see inside the 2014 Chevy Impala operates very smoothly and uses icons that are quite similar to what you get in your modern day Smartphone.  The icons on the infotainment system can be arranged in such a way that they look very much like your Smartphone which offers you the ease and the comfort to operate the device.
What My Link Offers?
Drivers of the new Chevy Impala will have a unique and enterprising experience with the next Gen My Link infotainment system fitted inside the car. You will be able to put the interface in edit mode and can also move the icons on the screen around using the touch screen of the infotainment system just like how you operate your iPhone. There are a lot of things that the icons cover right from navigation to popular apps like Pandora. In fact, you will never have any difficulty in spotting the icons as you will only get a maximum of eight icons per screen display which offers you an easy selection of the apps or icons that you want to use.
Striking Features
There are quite a few striking features that you will find in the My Link infotainment system that is coming out in the new Chevy Impala.
You have the option to save a total of four icons that you use the most on the top strip of the interface.
These icons will remain static at the top even when you go for different functions like checking out music playback menus.
You have the option of virtually saving anything that you like in the system right from phone numbers to radio stations to the music genre to destination and have a total of 60 favorites to store.
It comes with modernized navigation maps that are stored in the system’s flash drive.
You can save a particular point of interest with the attached graphic instead of the number so that you can easily recall it with the help of graphics.
The new version of My Link infotainment system in 2014 Chevy Impala is due to make its appearance later this year and there is no doubt that there will be a huge demand for it once it launches.

Modern Day Cars Are Never Complete Without Their Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets Which Help In Enhancing The Rear Entertainment Facilities

One of the gadgets which are in huge demand are entertainment facilities for the rear seats of a vehicle. It is a lot better to purchase rear entertainment systems separately rather than getting them pre-installed as one can find much better products at cheaper prices. 

One of the main installations in modern day vehicles is internet access. 

Another common installation is rear seat display screens. This allows the users sitting in the back seats to access the infotainment system easily without having to depend on the screens located way up front. 

Headphone flexibility is another feature which allows passengers to switch between different audio sources. 

Gadgets For Enhancing Your GPS 

GPS devices are one of the most popular electronic gadgets in the automotive world. They not only help one in saving time but also in saving a lot of money and energy. The biggest advantage of buying a pre-installed GPS system is that it doubles up as an infotainment system as well. Some of the main features of top GPS navigation systems to look out for are –

Screen Size – The screen sizes range from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. Ideally, a screen of about 4.5 inches is ideal for your GPS navigation systems

Map Updates – It is extremely important to purchase a GPS system which provides regular map updates since the routes are constantly changing.

Route Guidance – An efficient GPS system provides users with the best possible route from one destination to the other.

No top end GPS navigation system can be complete without real time traffic updates as well as real time data feeds. The data feeds normally includes things like gas prices, red light alerts, speed camera alerts and weather alerts.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Some GPS systems also allow you to pair your phone to them with the help of a Bluetooth and use the device’s speakers to navigate you to a particular address that may be stored in your phonebooks.

Modern Day Cars Are Never Complete Without Their Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets To Improve Vehicle Safety


There are numerous gadgets in the markets which help increase the vehicle safety.


  • One of the main gadgets which are available are back up cameras. Statistics have shown that most of the child accidents occur when vehicles back over. Thus, rear facing cameras not only help in saving lives by showing you the real picture on the back of your vehicle but also helps in preventing you from banging into a pole.


  • Another feature is the forward collision and lane departure warning. They help in reducing accidents by a great extent as they provide warnings with regards to forward collisions to the driver so that he or she can react accordingly.


  • Blind spot detection is another safety feature which users are installing nowadays. This technology aims at alerting you if other vehicles or objects come up close to the car beyond the peripheral vision of the driver.


  • Other gadgets which help in enhancing vehicular safety are the parking assist systems and tire pressure monitoring systems.    
  • to be continued…