Aeromotive Fuel Systems & Components

For more than 20 years Aeromotive has built its performance fuel systems with respect to company’s quality traditions and commitment to innovation. The supreme quality of Aeromotive products was shaped by company’s knowledge, passion, real-world experience and aerospace technology. That’s right, performance automotive products designed to highest standards of aerospace industry are available on automotive aftermarket for everyone, from professional racers to daily drivers.


With 3 generations of track experience, Aeromotive’s experts live the industry and understand what drivers need. That’s why they not just test their performance products in labs using high-end equipment, but also get them on the track and street.

Aeromotive Products

Performance is not all about speed gains or acceleration. Performance means reliability. Getting the most from your vehicle’s engine you want all its parts to run like clockwork. And this is what Aeromotive is after, too. To deliver unrivaled performance with unmatched durability is company’s philosophy. Aeromotive product line includes fuel pumps, tanks, filters, regulators and complete fuel systems, as well as various replacement parts and accessories.

Aeromotive Fuel Systems

Aeromotive Fuel Pumps

Extreme horsepower requires a high volumes of fuel delivered to the engine right in time. Aeromotive fuel pumps are designed to fuel the most powerful and demanding engines. This ability was proven by suck top names in the motorsport as Larry Larson, UTV racer Marc Burnett, John Hale and his Nitro Funny Car and the MB Motorsports that won Baja 500!

Aeromotive Fuel Systems

Stealth Fuel Systems is a world-famous in-tank fuel system. Such design helps prevent some of the most typical for performance engines issues, cavitation and vapor lock.
Phantom Fuel System is the latest generation of Aeromotive fuel pumps. They are designed to handle extreme pressures of supercharged or tubrocharged electronic fuel injection.

Aeromotive EFI System

Where to Buy Aeromotive Products

There’s no need to take your vehicle to the local auto parts store if you’re looking for a large selection of fuel systems and components along with original Aeromotive quality. CARiD offers a full collection of Aeromotive products, so everything you need to fuel your engine, including Aeromotive fuel pumps, regulators and complete systems are just few clicks away!