5 Reasons to Choose Dorman Products Over Aftermarket Parts

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As recently reported by Dorman Products, a trusted original equipment manufacturer from the United States, there are several major problems associated with the purchase of aftermarket parts. Despite the fact that most aftermarket details are slightly cheaper in comparison with the majority of OE spares, purchasing aftermarket equipment is often associated with certain productivity problems as well as potential legal and insurance issues. In fact, as of today, studies have proven that products from original equipment manufacturers generally exhibit greater productivity and closer fit, not to mention solid warranty on every product. Yet, the most important reason to choose original equipment over aftermarket one is a possibility to file an insurance claim if necessary. So, Dorman OE manufacturer would like to pay your attention to the following benefits of original spares:

Precise fit of Dorman products

As a company that has been in the market for almost a century (since 1918), Dorman has had enough time to polish and improve its technology. Plenty of automotive experts will not be surprised by the fact original equipment details ensure better fit in comparison with aftermarket spares. Yet, the worst news is that some aftermarket spares can significantly lack quality – meaning that there will be no fit at all. It has been established that returned aftermarket products are simply resold to other clients, which why consequent returns have already become a standard in the aftermarket spares industry. Dorman, however, chooses a totally different policy, and if by some reason a detail does not fit (which hardly ever happens in the first place), this particular spare part is not resold in the future. In the long run, such policy helps to significantly minimize the returns and continuously improve the quality of their items. Dorman products can be found at CARiD.com: http://www.carid.com/dorman/.

Dorman OE Productivity

Apart from better fit, most original equipment details guarantee higher productivity and greater performance. Dorman, in particular, launches a series of meticulous tests before starting mass production of their items. This helps to ensure better quality and greater durability of every detail in the production line, which is the main advantage of original equipment details in comparison to most aftermarket parts.

Dorman Products

Guaranteed insurance with Dorman OE products

This is a highly important issue and you should never overlook it – since aftermarket details have been scientifically proven to be less durable and safe, filing an insurance claim in case of an accident can become a serious problem. Though certain policies vary from state to state, the use of aftermarket details in auto repair shops is often prohibited. Plus, even if your state does not prohibit the use of aftermarket parts, it is still better to go with original equipment approved all over the country. Then at least, you will be able to file an insurance claim in case of a car crash, and the insurance company will have no choice but to accept it.

Dorman products safety

Safety is a logical continuation of the previous topic. Most insurance companies refuse to accept insurance claims for vehicles with aftermarket details because the latter ones have actually been proven to be less safe. The widespread belief is that low quality spares can in fact cause an accident – that is why you should never put petty monetary calculations ahead of your life and health. Needless to mention, Dorman thoroughly tests its auto parts, thus eliminating the possibility of a car crash and ensuring maximum safety.

Warranty on Dorman original products

Only some aftermarket parts have a warranty, which is not surprising after all we’ve discussed above. Dorman, on the contrary, provides a warranty with every item (the exact time and conditions will depend on the particular detail you purchase).
All in all, aftermarket details have only one advantage in comparison to original equipment parts – that is, lower price. Apart from that, their characteristics are far less impressive. Such spares are neither safe, nor functional, which is why choosing OE automotive details seems to be the only reasonable decision. Dorman products, in particular, are a great example of what can be considered a perfect combination of quality, safety and durability in the automotive detail market.