Tata Nano Police Car is Now All Set to Be Released in India

When you say police car, you look for the feature like good speed, good control, and latest technologies. Amazing features that would help you reach the destination quickly. Police cars are said to be the command respect from motorists. However, they were not so popular in Country like India. Now thanks to the development and growth which has taken place here, it seems that Delhi-based electronics firm has brought some changes in one of the cheapest car model called NANO and made it the best and the world’s cheapest police car. It is stylish, and comes with the red white and blue light color combination. The car is now known as the police-spec Tata Nano which was kept in the International Security Expo in New Delhi.
It is one of the most active and reasonable police car that has been designed with tons of features which is manufactured for the use of police. This car is specially designed with all the police specs and paint that makes it an amazing concept. It is cheap and is easy to drive, light in weight and the most compact version that you can come across. The great news is, in the traffic that is common in all states of India, for police, this type of car is best suited.
Appearance and Specifications to know
Diamond shaped fog lamps
Conventional compact
Body color handles
Dual glove boxes on dashboard
Side view mirrors
Four speaker audio system
Six petal shaped spokes
Chrome plated company logo keyless entry
There are better safety features and it is a 624cc 2 cylinder Petrol engine generating 37.5 BHP car which comes with additional tools like side door locks. Central locking, seat belts and center high mounts stop lamp. This fuel efficient car has got an impressive driving impression and can be controlled in pretty easy manner.