Magnum Energy Inverters

Magnum Energy is a worldwide known manufacturer of inverters, inverter/chargers, and other energy accessories. Company has a great experience which is more than 150 years. Today Magnum Energy is a part of the Magnum-Dimensions brand with Dimensions Inverters. Both companies joined the Sensata Technologies and continue to produce some of the most recognized products in the industry.

Magnum energy

A century and a half of experience allows Magnum Energy to produce inverters and chargers with great battery charging performance and quite simple maintenance. Company’s products are shipped worldwide and work perfectly in various climate conditions. Magnum Energy manufactures some of the most advanced, dependable and affordable inverter/chargers, inverters and accessories in the industry. Their accommodate input ability varies from 12 to 300 VDC. It is worth noting that each and every Magnum Energy inverter/charger has a Power Factor Corrected (PFC) charger placed inside. PFC charger consumes up tp 30% less energy than a standard charger.

Magnum energy inverter

Modified Sine Wave & Pure Sine Wave

Magnum Energy inverters/chargers are available both modified sine wave and pure sine wave models vary from 300 to 12,000 watts – in single and 3-phase topology as well. Modified ones are more affordable and run most appliances and electronics. However, for best run of the vehicle’s computer performance, stereo, TV and motors it is recommended that you use pure sine wave models. Besides, some appliances like battery chargers for hand tools or clocks may have problems with modified sine waves.

Magnum energy inverter charger

Get Your Magnum Inverter!

All Magnum Energy products has some similar features – they are safe, energy-efficient and affordable. A big variety of input abilities and power allows you to meet all needs. To avoid purchasing fakes and problems with warranty it is recommended that you buy Magnum Energy inverters, inverter/chargers, and accessories from authorized dealers. One of the biggest online-retailers in U.S. CARiD offers a great number of Magnum Energy products. For just a few clicks you will make the best choice and get your inverter/chargers or other accessory really fast!