Mercedes will Guide you to your Destination with Google Glass

These days there are so many platforms which have gained quite a lot of popularity all over the world. Looking at the gained popularity, it seems now the automakers have also started using social media as a new platforms. There are so many smart apps uses that have come up say whether it is the website or the social sites. If you are wondering what is the next technology which has come up now? It’s called Google Glass.
What makes Google Glass so popular?
It is a cutting edge deice
It offers much needed reality experience
It is user friendly product
It is easy to use
It offers the in-dash nav system
Google Glass- The much more in Demand
The techno has been developed by the German automaker which is considered as the first automotive apps. The primary function of this app is to guide the driver with regards to aprkeing. This makes the product much more convenient and easy to use. It thus, helps you drive the car without needed any help of the parking spot.
Looking at such a use of the application, it seems that even Mercedes is now a day’s examining the technology for its use. The product seems to be quite fast and have smoother version. The touch screen device helps to navigate you to the raid which you might not have even explored. With so many advantages, it seems, Mercedes will soon be launching the product in the market. However, once the products clear the testing mode, it will be available for the customers at a great value for the customers and thus make it more convenient for the driver.
So let us hope for this very new invention of Google and Mercedes which soon we hope to see in the market.