Emilia 3 – Solar Power, the Power for Tomorrow

Solar power is the power of future. The fuel availability is quite limited and the world is turning towards the solar technology. The solar power is now being used in all sorts of power equipments and the companies are also coming up with the solar cars to make them fuel efficient. Emilia 3 is one such popular project that works towards manufacturing the fully functional solar power car that works on 100% solar power. After thorough research and technological experimentation, Emilia 3 has adopted ST’s SPV 1020 microcontrollers to get the best performance.
What are Microcontrollers?
The microcontrollers are communicating with each other constantly to process the data. This data logged in the car in real time to transmit through all other parts. This may ensure the smooth functioning of the car. The troubleshooting is also taken care of by these efficient microcontrollers.
Better Technology
This smart solar car also has a DC-DC boost converter that is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm which helps in maximizing the power generation through photovoltaic panels. These panels work independent of the temperature and also do not depend on the capturing of the solar radiation as it may change with the direction of car.
Minimum Power Loss
Emilia 3 is of course a well thought and well researched car that uses SPV1001 switch which works as cool bypass to reduce any sort of power loss. Thus, it offers the enhanced efficiency of the solar panels.
Is it good for the longer distances?
When it comes to any alternative fuel cars, the main question that strikes our mind is its usability for the longer distances. This solar powered car is supposed to have a range of 20 km and hence we can expect it to cover good distance.
Cross your fingers for this future powered car as it will take the world to solar edge.