Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets upgrade so fast sometimes we are unaware that a new version of what we have has already been upgrade enhanced more than once.  Take for example the technology called Bluetooth. A few years back, people think of this wireless tool as a frustrating phone accessory which transformed businessmen and other perfectly coherent individuals into blabbermouths talking to themselves almost everywhere they go. But now, car electronics has embraced the wonders of this amazing equipment called the Bluetooth.

While Bluetooth has found its way among many household and office equipments, bridging unwired gaps between you and the printer, your cellular phones, the video and audio machines, and a long list of other devices, it can also be found in another area, your car. Now, just because your car is not designed to connect to Bluetooth does not mean that you do not have the potential to upgrade.  In fact, there are a lot of car electronics that you can readily buy and get hooked up via Bluetooth, say, the car stereo for instance. Bluetooth helps you sync most new car electronics together so you can have that smoother, more organized driving experience while enjoying the music on the car stereo or while changing the movie on the back TV that your kids are watching. The JVC El Kameleon KD AVX40 has touch screen controls which automatically turn on even before your hand touches the screen. This amazing device lets you listen to your music in almost all types of audio formats. And wow, the car stereo volume robotically lowers down when you are placing a call and goes back to its original level when the call has ended. And, topping this feature, videos can be programmed to only turn on when you stop your car and you pull up the parking brake. Plus, the stereo has alternative video screens which you can hook up practically anywhere in the car depending on your sitting or lying position.

The Bluetooth iPod transmitters allow you to synchronize your iPod music or video content into your car stereo without the hassle of bringing in a compatible port. So whether it’s a podcast or music that you want to take a listen to, the Bluetooth iPod transmitter will provide you with the necessary hook up facilities for your car. And you do not even have to worry about charging your device since the transmitter powers it through your car stereo.

Car Alarms and Other Anti-theft Systems

With the ever increasing number of stolen cars everyday, it is imperative to take on new measures to safeguard our most priced vehicles. While most car thieves are good at what they do, it’s still nice to use a thing or two of the anti-theft systems to be able to sleep at night soundly and more securely.  Nowadays, many sophisticated safety measures are being offered by aftermarket manufacturers, each are designed to provide utmost protection and extreme safety to your beloved vehicles.

One of the most common anti theft system that car owners use is the car alarms – a device designed to alert the owner of the vehicle whenever there’s a breach of security. In case of a threat or malicious intents, the car alarm system emits a loud noise, releasing a blaring siren at 120 db or more. Some of the malicious intents that the system recognizes as threats include destruction of the window glass and windshield, forceful entry, tampering of the key hole, and direct violations in the perimeter.

Putting on car alarm is a wise move, for one thing, it will be easier to sleep or do your daily business if you know that your vehicles are safe and undisturbed however, you also have to consider the possibility of false threats that could cause your system to alarm repeatedly even without deliberate assault. Some alarm sensors are very sensitive that they detect even the slightest accidental bumps causing the nearby surroundings to be disturbed unintentionally. To prevent this case from happening you have to carefully choose the type of alarm system that you will purchase, most car alarms nowadays are more intelligently done using the modern electronic system and it can easily determine the difference of harmless bumps from intentional breaching.

Another car safety system designed to protect your vehicle against trespassers are immobilizers. Designed to deliberately lock the vehicles, the immobilizers are one of the best development in car electronics. The most common type from this range is the mechanical immobilizer – a lock system that can be attached to the steering wheel so that the car will be immobile for a period of time. Electronic immobilizers are also fast becoming popular especially for contemporary vehicles; this thing protects the whole car using the built- in chips attached to the keys and to the fobs that emit signals to the vehicle’s ignition and fuel pump – during break-ins the car will not start without these signals thus rendering the vehicle totally useless.

The more advanced vehicle tracking system is also being used today; this application is used so that even if the burglar was able to drive-off the vehicle the technology can easily be able to track and recover the vehicle using the (VIN) vehicle identification number engraved to the window or windshield of the car.

Car Electronics

For those who spend long hours driving or riding a vehicle, one of the most important car electronics accessories is the car power inverter.  The power inverter is invaluable whether you are taking an extended trip alone or with the entire family or driving to the office on a regular work day. Car power inverters keep laptops, mobile phones, and other communication paraphernalia charged even when you are in transit. In fact, with a high power inverter, you can keep the car television running together with the Xbox on extended hours.
What is amazing about these car electronics gadgets is that they can easily plug into the cigarette lighter of any modern vehicle. On the other end of the power converter is usually a three-pronged AC outlet. In addition, today, the latest car power inverters are designed with USB ports to be able to provide unlimited accessibility for more kinds of electronic devices so that they can continue to run even without wall AC supply. Some of the more popular car power inverter brands include Wagan, Cobra, and Whistler, and their latest models are equipped with USB ports. 
Although cars can only supply 15 volts of electric power through the cigarette lighter hole, the power inverter can churn as much as 150 watts. This amount of electric power is sufficient enough for a household electronics appliance to operate unimpeded. The variety of household electronics gadgets which can comfortably run using the power inverter include MP3 players, televisions, cellular phones, portable DVD players, game consoles like the Xbox, Wii, and PS3, laptops, camping lights, iPods, and even electric fans.
Understandably, there are boundaries to what the car power inverter can do. For example, the power inverter would not be able to provide ample power to charge a laptop battery when you plug it in empty. This means you have to wait it off until the laptop battery has been considerably charged before you can actually turn it on and use it, while continuing the charging process using the power converter.
It is also essential for you to read thoroughly the power requirements of your electronics gadget before you plug it into the power converter. Watch out for the specifications of the power converter when choosing the brand and capacity that you would like to use. Laptops and power tools do not operate smoothly when plugged to a modified sine wave power inverter.

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The Latest Car Electronic Products 2012

Undoubtedly, the demands of car electronics are continuously increasing this year. There are a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories that you can find in the market today. We are about to discover the latest car electronic trends with the most modern products sold online. These car electronic products are being added to any vehicle for both utility and entertainment purposes. On the other hand, car electronics simply adds a new style and enhances the appearance of any vehicle.  
The headlight HID kit is one of the most in-demand car electronic products these days. It features a variety of magnificent colors like pure white, purple, extreme blue, green, and a whole lot more. It is certainly a no brainer when you are choosing which headlight HID kits are suitable for your vehicle. The headlight HID kits have different choices to select from. The most typical HID kit is the 3,000 headlight kits. The brightest among all headlight kits is the 30,000 HID extreme blue kits. Other accessories include HID bulbs, HID kit ballasts, and HID Fuse relay wire that is sold separately. There are several featured products for headlight HID kits including the HID single beam 6,000 K Xenon, HID ballasts replacement 35W, and the HID 30,000 Xenon kit solo beam with colors of green, extreme blue and purple.
One of the latest car electronic products that you can find market this year is the so-called In-Dash Players. These modern gadgets are Dash DVD players, In Dash Touch Screen, In Dash Navigation, and other major In-Dash car electronic products. The most popular In-Dash Double Din player is the 6.2 inches Touch Screen Digital LED Panel Car DVD player that can be bought for around $200. It features a Double Din DVS with GPS and Double Din Systems. Double Dins are equipped with GPS, WIFI and 3G capability where you can surf the web so easily. You can also buy the In-Dash Single Din players.
You may also purchase a headrest pillow monitors that has different colors and 2 dual channel IR Wireless headphones in the package. It has a lot of great features including calendar and clock display, OSD or On Screen Display, fully function remote control, a menu display language, picture display size adjustment, and among others. One of the featured products in the market is the digital touch screen detachable headrest DVD player that is sold for only $300.

Pioneer’s AVIC-X920BT Debuts at International Electronics Consumers Show

Pioneer has recently released its newest addition to its car stereo products with its car stereo with maps intended for local searches and with music downloading from radio websites. The new car stereo is a welcome addition to the growing interest on car technology. 
Pioneer’s AVIC-X920BT has debuted as one of the many latest gadgets at the Consumer Electric Show. Gadgets featured here run on similar concept of helping drivers to have ease in mobility while being cool in their way of accessing music downloads and the concept of using human voice for command.
The featured car stereo has touch-screen that allows higher visibility and responses to human voice commands while being true to the ecology awareness and on giving out information about the driver’s driving efficiency.
Pioneer has claimed success in installing a navigation device that can search for local information and with a GSP map that can exactly map out a location by responding to a human voice command. The car in exact precision will go to where the driver commanded it to be. With GSP being outdated, the car stereo has a GPS-enabled smart phone which takes the role of the outdated GSP map attached on the car’s dashboard and functions a device in finding fast routes for drivers. 
The most innovative feature of the car stereo is its music player which is not found in a GSP system while giving other functions that makes driving experience more cool and easier.
In relation to this, two giant companies will undergo a joint venture using a technology called UVO. Microsoft will be in partnership with KIA Motor Corporation with the car maker using the UVO car technology in its car model due for release early this summer. The car model with be equipped with a voice recognition voice developed by Microsoft that allows giving command to what kind of music it would play and to who to call on phones. This technology is set to get in public after a demonstration at Consumer Electronic Show.
Moreover, Pioneer has successfully promoted its new PAIS technology. The car stereo company said that this technology has helped a number of devices like computer, home and car stereo to talk to each making communication technology ready for use to other gadgets like iPods and smart phones.
Pioneer is a company known for car products that allow driving to be more enjoyable by producing products of high quality audio and video and perfectly consistent connectivity and ease of use.