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Car Electronics

Here are the latest car electronic products that you can buy in the market today. There are several categories of car electronics that you can choose from when buying online. One of the most popular items that are in-demand nowadays is the LCD monitors with brands like Boss Audio and Pyle.  The most common type of monitor is the overhead roof mount flip down widescreen swivel LCD monitors that measure up to 16 inches. The replacement headrest monitors are popular with car brands like Acura, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, and a whole lot more. The price ranges from $100 to $500 depending on the model and monitor size.
Car video monitors bring fun and excitement while driving your favorite luxury car. These monitors are also referred to as the car video system that are fully compatible with any type of vehicle that you have. There are a variety of car monitors that you can install in your car. These great selections include in dash monitors, headrest monitors, universal LCD, Raw LCD, overhead flip down type, rear view mirror, sun visor, outdoor sunlight readable LCD monitors, portable LCD TVs and other specialty monitors. You can also install car DVD players, as well as car digital satellite systems, and backup system cameras. There are several car video accessories which include DVD cases and organizers, FM modulators, LCD monitor mounts, Power inverters, TV tuners and antennas, video amplifiers, video game plates, video switchers, and wireless headphones.
Another car electronics category is the GPS car navigation systems. It is a very popular electronic device that is being installed in most cars nowadays. The GPS navigation system is a helpful tool that provides audio or visual instructions if you are looking for a certain location. There are a variety of car navigation devices like the portable GPS car navigation which is preloaded with maps, real time traffic guide, Bluetooth features and weather updates as well. You can purchase the In Dash Car navigation system that has a multimedia playback and LCD monitor. Other popular GPS navigation devices include OEM navigation systems, add on car navigation systems for factory monitors, and the vehicle tracking and monitoring systems. The popular brands for GPS navigation systems are the Audiovox, Nextar, Garmin, Jensen, and among others. You can also install Bluetooth-based devices such as the Bluetooth car stereos and hands free.
Indeed, these car electronics will provide you an entertainment package for your modified car.

Car Electronics: Pioneer Showcased New Car Electronics

Pioneer, being the leader in car electronics had introduced two quality reference of in-car audio components, the PRS-D800 a class D full range amplifier and the DEH-80PRS a receiver. The two new components is said to rise in popularity as they are said to improve the audio performance of vehicles and to enhance the enjoyment of entertainment. Both of the said models inherited the superiority and design elements from the Stage 4 Pioneer ultra-end car audio system. Both components maximize the sound quality becoming one of the superior components in the range of vehicle electronics.

Ted Cardenas, the director of the Pioneer Electronics Inc. (USA) stated that their Stage 4 line of products are developed, built and designed for the main purpose of obtaining the high quality of music reproduction inside the car, which is rarely achieved by any vehicle having even the perfect and finest audios systems. The goal is set on designing the two products capable of producing same levels of listening and musicality environment plus the ease of installation. In achieving the perfect flexibility, Cardenas stated that they have combined the engineering of Stage 4 products with the innovative technology and new solution to come up with the two new inventions.

The CD receiver DEH-80PRS offers maximum and convenience in terms of connectivity functions and features with customizable illumination, Bluetooth, Dual ports for USB (iPhone and iPod, etc.), three line LCD displays and more.  Looking at the pure performance of the electronic, it is capable of utilizing the audiophile design along with the component to maximize the sound quality and environment within the car. The car electronic is said to be available on April with the suggested pricing of $350.

Next is the PRS-D800, which is classified as a Class D two channel amplifier. The electronic is unique with outstanding sound quality, high power, compact in size and of course, with its optimization, it is already considered as the building block of amplifier systems. The tech is about ten inches long with a four to one over eight inches ratio. The design is sleek and flexible to fit the side and even stacked on the car. The electronic is substantial in producing a hundred and twenty five watts channel to four ohms stereo. The PRS-D800 is said to be available also on April with a suggested pricing of $300. Pioneer, being known for developing hi-tech car electronics is in focus of developing more in-car electronics to better enhance entertainment and pleasures.

New OE-Fit Car A/V, Nav System from Dual

Dual has now joined the increasing list of aftermarket auto sound suppliers after it has released its new OE Fit Car A/V, Navigating system that will accommodate cars electronics system. The first prototype receiver was first seen on display at North Hall, Booth 1818 of the Las Vegas Conventional Center.
Dual and its Korean parent company Namsung are working in collaboration with China’s major  provider of the classic OEM-fit A/V receivers Coagent to produce OE-fit auto products intended for the North American consumers. Dual is under Namsung which is Korea’s biggest independent car electronics manufacturers.
Coagent is tasked to develop a complete line up of multimedia system fitting the data system of CAN-BUS OEM for global car brands like Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Nissan and others. Dual stated that Namsung will give hands-on contributions to the graphical onscreen interface that will allow automatic easy-to-use riders experience.
Dual has been in the business and have gained comfortable reputation with their long lists of car electronics products. It has the latest GPS navigation technology with its In-Dash Car Navigation system which allows to be loaded with various type navigation systems dependent on car manufacturer and brand model.
On the other hand Dual OE<Fit-In Dash Car Navigation is engineered to be compatible to a specific model. This lessens the burden and cost of customizing and replacing car’s radio. Dual OE-Fit receiver is fitted for features such as built-in Bluetooth, iPod and iPhone connectivity to keep users connected and entertained.
Dual also offers accessories with its Car Navigation packages that totally eliminated the figuring out of what and how to complete the navigation system for any car owner. Its navigation system package includes single A/V receiver unit with GPS built-in and bundled with all essential compatible navigation unit. 
With Dual new partnership with Coagent, market enthusiasts are debating whether this will bring the aftermarket sales in boom since Coagent is seen as an important player in OEM-Fit A/V manufacturing and developers. The product is also set to be available in the market in the second half of the year.
Dual is still keeping its silent on other information about the new products adding only that the product will make a big shift in OE-Fit A/V navigation system. Nevertheless, the public is also waiting for the final release and will judge the product for its benefits and usefulness.
With downscaling sales of Car-in dash head units and navigation devices, Dual is  all positive that with its new OE-Fit A/V products, there a new trend  will surmise and which can be look at as a reaction from the consumers.

Expansion of Pioneer AppRadio Next Generation

Pioneer Electronics Inc. (USA) leader in technology of car electronics unveiled the AppRadio 2, which is considered as the latest smartphone powered audio system for vehicle. Guided by the “connectivity rethinking,” the experience and philosophy achieved from developing such plat formed based application; Pioneer’s newest AppRadio 2 has the feature adapted from the previous version of the AppRadio. The expansion of the technology branched out compatibility that it now includes latest and updated Android smartphones that are equipped with MHL (Mobile High definition Link) or micro connection.

The expansion of AppRadio1 to AppRadio2 now supports both the popular and newest smartphone platforms. The advancement in the tech offers solution in integrating the device in the vehicle easily, securely and safely. The second version of AppRadio has capacitive and interactive touch screen that is larger in size for better utilization. But like its original version, it still enables the control over supported functions with similar motion and touch gestures that are connected in a smartphone device. For convenience and safety, the AppRadio 2 also features the Bluetooth technology for the purpose of calling hands-free.

Since the original generation of AppRadio was showcased last year, most consumers had already embraced and recognized the potential and power of the electronic. Survey across several car owners said that the product is beneficial as a car accessory and car electronic that gives interaction to the driver and the car. However, despite of the benefits that the electronic gives to consumers, they still requests for support and compatibility for adding other devices.  Ted Cardenas, the director of the marketing in car electronics included in the Pioneer Electronic Division in (USA) believes that by expanding the compatibility of AppRadio2 it should be able to offer more convenience and safety in integrating the electronic to their vehicles.
The so-called AppRadio2 produced by Pioneer features a simple and clean aesthetic interface with physical buttons that provide control over the function in operation the device. As the newest electronic for car, it should greatly help drivers in improving the performance of their car and not to mention the ease and comfort it gives to the people inside the car.  Pioneer Electronic Division for car will continue to offer car products that will make the driving experience more enjoyable by providing quality video and audio.  Aside from Pioneer, Masonry, Brabus and AMG, which are well-known tuning companies that also, provide necessary parts and accessories for cars in improving the overall performance of the car.