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Qorus Launches its 3 Series Accessorized Sedan

The Geneva Auto Show saw the classic launch of the first series of Qorus. An exquisite sedan rocked the floors of the show with its bright and attractive design. 
The Design Concept
Qorus 3 Sedan is the most promising venture of the brand at the moment. It has been completely influenced by the modern day German technology and design. The sedan has established a unique identity right from the day it was launched. Currently, the sedan is in the preproduction phase and would be launched soon in China. The sales would begin soon in the European markets. The concept of this sedan was created on the intelligent modular vehicle platform technology.
The Beautifully Designed Interiors
Interiors are classified as the main reason for choosing a particular car. If the interiors and accessories in the car groove you, you would definitely consider buying out the car. 
When you talk of interiors, the first thing that comes to your mind is the space. You would see that this sedan is designed in such a way that the interiors can comfortably fit in maximum number of passengers. It is well spaced out
The safety technology used for this car allows for maximum safety. All modern safety gadgets have been used in this car
You would find numerous compartments in the car. There are number of storage spaces present in the car
The rear seats in the car are foldable making it convenient for long drives as well
The sedan encompasses a touchscreen system that is divided into quadrants. This can be accessed using the two finger swipe mechanism
Also the transmission of the sedan works on the dual clutch mechanism
Overall, the launch of this car has sent fervours in the automobile markets. The market is indeed looking forward to the sales of this sedan. Interestingly, this sedan would bring forth the life of automobile markets in China.

The Advancements In Car Electronics

Gone are the days when electronics in your car were only to power the light in your car and for your stereo and power windows. Car electronics have come a long way in the years and have found their way into almost every aspect of your car. The modern car is controlled more by electronics and it is these advancements that are making cars go faster while keeping them safe. The term car electronics were earlier used to describe car entertainment systems, but now as there are different types of electronic systems that are present in a car, the term is no longer general.
Types Of Car Electronics Systems
There are different types of car electronic systems that modern cars today have and these systems are essential for the running of the car. Engine electronics will control the way the engine performs with the help of the Electronic control unit that controls the Engine electronic systems and the electronic transmission systems. There are systems that help in driver assistance like ABS, EBD and so on and there are electronics involved in the active safety of the car. Many high end cars also have chassis electronics that will help to control the way the chassis behaves.
Infotainment Systems And Passenger Comfort Systems
The electronic components that you get to see in your car is the infotainment systems on-board your car. These systems will house your entertainment system, navigation system and also provides you with access to information regarding the various car electronic systems in your car. A car has to be comfortable to drive and to travel in and Passenger comfort systems use electronics to make your ride a lot more comfortable. Automatic climate control, electronic seat adjustments that have memory, automatic headlights and automatic wipers are some of the advancements that have been made in passenger comfort with the help of advancement in electronics.