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MyFord Touch Does Major Upgrade

Dearborn, Michigan – The famous Ford Company launches its very first upgrade to MyFord and My Lincoln Touch, the company’s user interface. However, many people have made it a point to cast their criticisms in account to the difficulty of the interface to be used and mastered.

The said upgrade is going to be presented in the coming Ford Flex 2013. This will surely hit many car showrooms. It is also expected that many cars that will come out in the year 2013 will be offered with this type of upgrade.

Aside from that thing, Ford Company will be offering this kind of upgrade to MyFord Touch owners free. This is also offered free to those people who own vehicles that are equipped with MyLincoln Touch.

For those people who own either the MyFord or MyLincoln Touch equipment, all they need to do is to bring their car along with them to the nearest car dealer. The car dealer will be the one to do the upgrade. One way of availing the said upgrade can also be done through self-installation process. All you need to have is a USB flash drive where the software updates are stored.

The truth is that the USB stick is currently mailed to more than three hundred thousand users of MyLincoln and MyFord Touch this week. This is going to be a very good option for every MyFord and MyLincoln users today to avail the USB sticks that are being distributed by the company.

According to the Ford Company, MyFord Touch is improving and still continues to improve with every successive car, which has been launched since the year 2010. As a matter of fact, this upgrade being currently introduced is considered as the very first major software upgrade ever done and offered so far by the Ford

In fact, the upgrade is user friendly with its touchscreen-inspired interface, making it easier for the user to access different options. With the screen, one gets the opportunity to come up with simpler graphics, bolder texts, quicker response, quick tap controls, and a more improved voice recognition capability.

Aside from that, those car owners with GPS navigation system will also get their destination entries in a more improved manner. This also works with updated maps on a SD card that is also provided.

Lastly, the company engineers have also made it possible to add new features like support for tablets, better compatibility on phones, and well-improved destination entries for vehicles equipped with navigation.

Ford Upgrades MyFord Touch Software

Two years ago, Ford Motors introduced MyFord Touch-control system to some of its top models and now is readying to do some upgrading for its touch-control software. The move is to stick to its commitment to give Ford followers and fanatic a car that outsmart its rivals and that stands out from the rest.

Ford has upgraded the software for its MyFord Touch control system.

What could been the reason for the latest upgrade is the flaws that have been associated with the touch-screen control system called as MyFord touch-screen. While the MyFord has succeeded in making Ford’s models to stand out from the rest, the poor rating the models received made Ford to jump to upgrading decision. The software was developed for Ford by Microsoft which Ford hope to aid the Motor Company to increase its loyalist and followers but in some ways has made aggravating damages to its image as “People’s car”.
Microsoft developed MyFord Touch was welcomed with roaring applause when it has gotten rid of the traditional knobs and buttons and replaced them with the sophistication of touch-screen including the attractive steering wheel -mounted controls and amazing spoken commands.
However, with massive public complaints, Ford is forced to address the complaints by upgrading the software. Ford is now basing its upgrading on the actual experiences of customers while driving the car specifically the system crashing and the annoying rebooting. The public want some changes and this is what Ford is doing. There will be prompt changes to make commands faster as well as improving voice recognitions and lessen those designs that most likely to provide distractions than add to its efficiency. These upgrading is focusing on doing changes on the fonts and buttons that need enlargement and on its screen layouts.
To make the upgrading reach its customers, Ford is using a USB flash drive to have their customers install the new and upgraded software. This is to make customers have direct experience of what the new software to the existing software.
Ford’s customers are expected to receive their USB flash drive earlier next week in their mails and dealers to receive theirs much earlier for those customers who prefer it done by their dealers.
Ford’s MyFord touch is an innovation as it has climate controls and has navigation and entertainment in one screen and dashboard. With recent Consumer Report, the irritation for its MyFord touch has driven Ford to a bottom line finished in the quality score card. With its new software, Ford hopes to redeem its lost prestige when it comes to being a quality car.

Rollback on Tech-Gadgets for your Automobile

The trend in car electronics is hastening at a fast pace.  Similar to computers, the generation of vehicles in previous years changes the way we live socially. Forget about those radio dashboards that pummels us from boredom and place your high-tech pocket hand gizmos to do the trick instead. From external hard drive to installing programs for your smartphones, there is so many to choose from and satisfy the benefits of riding in the digital world.

Conventions on such consumer electronic shows feature some of the latest technologies that will surely amaze drivers not to mention data streams of gaining access to handphone devices to deliver the same function. With several gadgets on preview, prestigious cars including Ford, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are best display alongside with unique interiors and other electronic systems.


Before mentioning the top favorites for automobile electronics, there are three phenomenons that drivers opt for to embrace technology in the ride: virtual navigation system rendered in tablets, playing music through tuning in the radio or selected playlists and recognition programs for accessible functions. Touch-screen phones are also reliable to its versatile tasks especially in car electronics and with apps program taking the control of your ride, you can steer your navigation with confidence.

The main highlights for interior electronics have always impress drivers with a touch of music attitude. Looking for a perfect amplifiers or stereo system for MP3s is crucial and in order for you to find good quality ones, you have to ask car experts or retailers about installing it and importantly the value of the product. By far the latest upbeat in the industry of car audios is none other than JVC KD-A615.

JVC Arsenal KD-A615

According to the reviews, JVC unit is rated as one of the recommended sound system for your vehicle. Not only it can detect Bluetooth device to play music, it also allow CD or your Iphone to render tracks from your playlist. This is one-of-a-kind product that every driver must buy because of its compatibility feature.

If you are searching for a portable navigation device, don’t forget to look for Garmin – every driver’s best navigator in the US! GPS, Google Map and virtual recognition animation are vital aspects for the Garmin nüvi 1450LMT 5-Inch Portable device. It commences direction from time to time and currently updates roadmap anywhere around the city. What drivers love about Garmin is that it enables to record long trips and store the data as much as ten thousand roadmaps.